Annalieses Story

A lot of people have asked why I haven’t put up my story of why I decided to put SEN talk together.

I’ll be honest with you.

It is something I have put off, I’ve started writing and really struggled to put it down on paper exactly how much this project means to me.

I have worked with children for the last decade, all wonderful and beautiful in their own, unique and individual way. Some, with difficulties, some without, some with needs, some without speech and some without love.

It is each and everyone of these little amazing people that have inspired me on my journey, my quest to make society and happier place for the individuality in each of us.

It was when my son was born that my heart found its true calling, motherhood. The most euphoric feeling ever, and it was in the last challenging 5 years that I got to know the most amazing little man.

My son was diagnosed two years ago now, the journey was rough, unclear, emotionally draining and depressing at times. Nothing seemed clear or accessible. The school seems unattached and tired.

Ehps came just at the same time which added even more confusion in the mix, my son didn’t know what was what from one day to the next. I was alone, sad and had little support, at least not from anybody that had a clue what I was going through-or so it felt to me.
At diagnosis I was handed a fact sheet and told we’d be back again in 6 months…

This is what I want to change. You shouldn’t feel alone, you shouldn’t be confused, the support should be genuine. We need to share our journeys to make the next part of the road clearer for our little individuals.