Monthly Parent Talk. Executive Function Skills with Imogen Moore-Shelley of Connections in Minds Foundation

Does your child struggle with disorganisation and losing things? Do they regularly get in trouble at school without being intentionally difficult? Is homework always a battle?

If this sounds familiar come along to talk about how working with your child on executive function skills is the answer.

Imogen Moore-Shelley is a co-founder of Connections in Mind, and the director of The Connections in Mind Foundation. She is a Cognitive Psychologist interested in how we can support children to strengthen their executive function skills. She is currently completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge exploring this topic within mainstream classrooms. Imogen has worked in executive function coaching, special educational needs, parental mental health, the early years and as a youth worker and a community organiser and is dedicated to finding ways to ensure all children flourish.

Executive Functions are the brain skills we need to get things done – we need them to organise ourselves, prioritise tasks, to stay on track with our goals and to juggle the demands of life. Research shows that good executive function skills directly impact how well you are able to do at school, in our jobs, our well being and relationships. Some children, in particular neurodiverse children can have specific difficulties with executive function skills and all children can benefit from an increased awareness of what these skills are, when they are using them and what happens if they don’t. This talk will be an eye opening introduction to what executive function skills are and how they impact your child’s learning and behaviour.

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