Sen Talk Code of Conduct

Sen Talk CIC code of conduct


Sen Talk CIC is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all service user’s and members and to act lawfully in regards to the use of, and storage of personal information. Any recorded personal information will not be shared with any third party without explicit signed consent by said member or service users.

Personal information will always be kept confidential unless following safeguarding procedures, and acting through a duty of care which is outlined in our safeguarding and child protection policy.

Personal information regarding service users or any Sen Talk CIC documentation is not permitted to leave the premises without prior consent from management.

We extend the same standards to all our workers, agencies and associates we work closely with.


We are not trained medical professionals and take proper account and ethical considerations of any advice imparted to families. Therefore, Sen Talk CIC does not discuss personal opinions on alternative therapies or medication. Sen Talk CIC acts as a sign-posting organisation and will refer families to appropriate statutory sources in any such case.

We will always act ethically with the protection and enhancement of the moral position for our families and workers.

Duty of care

Our actions and advice will always conform to relevant law, and we believe that all organisations, including this organisation, should avoid causing any adverse effect on the human rights of people in the organisation we deal with, the local and wider environments, and the well-being of society at large.

Conflict of interest

We will always act in the best interest of our families, with honourable interest. Those working on behalf of Sen Talk CIC should maintain a professional relationship with members and service users.

A conflict of interest declaration should be completed by all staff, volunteers and others working on behalf of Sen Talk CIC, especially those working within similar organisations.   

Professional conduct

We conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity. We take great care to be completely objective in our judgement and any recommendations that we give, so that issues are never influenced by anything other than the best and proper interests of our families.

Equality and discrimination

We always strive to be fair and objective in our advice and actions, and we are never influenced in our decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability.