All about Sen Talk

Sen Talk aims to provide better outcomes for children with special educational needs and is dedicated to improving the emotional and social development of children with autism and ADHD.
The organisation sets out to challenge discrimination of children with disabilities and promote inclusion through all its projects and efforts.

Our shared values

• Empowering individuals to fulfill their potential
• Valuing Neurodiversity
• Challenging discrimination in all its forms and promoting equality of opportunity
• Providing a service that reflects the needs of children and their families
• To help families strive by strengthening relationships
• Promoting community cohesion
• Reduce isolation in parents, carers and children with disabilities
• Advocating for children with special educational needs and their families
• To bring awareness of higher functioning autism and ADHD to the community and beyond

We Support The Whole Family

The organisation runs a variety of workshops, seminars and training project for parents and carer as well as monthly support group session across Wandsworth and Lambeth. We also provide one-to-one support for parents and carers around specific issues of concern.

We Raise Awareness

We are dedicated to raising awareness of autism and ADHD through our various outreach projects in the community and beyond.