About us

What we do now

Our aim is to encourage parent networking by bringing families that are raising children of school age with SEN issues- together. Our particular focus is children on the Autistic Spectrum and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, within mainstream schools. 

Each month we offer two get-together’s with parents and carers- usually a breakfast morning and an after school activity (the children are welcome to attend after school events) where parents are free to engage, access information and services within Wandsworth Borough.

The whole
belief is  that a problem shared is indeed a problem halved. – After all,the parents really are the professionals when it comes to understanding their children’.

We offer professional advice and support to our families, through workshops and events throughout the year. check out our events page here!

What we are going to do

We aim to educate the public  and promote understanding and integration and support of Neurodiversity.

We are also keen to change certain assumptions and perceptions around ADHD and other ‘behavioural’ related conditions, which are so often portrayed poorly in the media and within society. There is still a huge stigmatisation which  exists even in today’s society- This we must change.

We need to  share our knowledge with the community, work closely with the local schools and  society in general to promote that understanding of  neuro developmental conditions such as these. Building these networks and relationship should encourage positive parent/school relationships which will ultimately benefit the child’s access to education.

We will be running fundraising events in the local area to maximise our impact in the community and put our project as a beacon of hope for l
ocal parents and carers.

Part of our outreach programme is to target families of recently diagnosed, or families in the stages of diagnosis and supporting them on that journey as well as families and parents who just want to be part of a community where everybody is socially accepted.