Illegal Exclusion training

Today, I and one of our SenTalk parents attended a one day Advocacy training course on illegal exclusions in school. The course was run by CEN (Communities Empowerment Network) and covered a wealth of areas around the use of illegal exclusions as a sanction within schools. We are working towards providing our parents with more support in this area to tackle the reoccurring illegal exclusions of SEN children. An update on this event will be available soon along with support and advice in our facts pages. Continue reading Illegal Exclusion training

We’ve been to Parliament! Making waves in education for the better

Dear SENTALK supporters, well what a couple of interesting weeks we have had!- Last week I was fortunate enough to of been given an invitation via NAS (National Autistic Society) to the All Party Parliamentary Group in Autism. What an event!-the topic was none other than Education and weather us-a SEN parents believed that SEN training should be given to teachers whilst studying. Currently this is not compulsory and a ‘suggested’ module. Of of course all of our wonderful support groups, charity and parents thought heavily with definitive yes and raised other important issues in SEN training and acceptance. The … Continue reading We’ve been to Parliament! Making waves in education for the better

My Story

A lot of people have asked why I haven’t put up my story of why I decided to put SEN talk together. I’ll be completely honest, it is something I have put off, I’ve started writing and really struggled to put it down on paper exactly how much this project means to me. I have worked with children for the last decade, all wonderful and beautiful in their own, unique and individual way. Some, with difficulties, some without, some with needs, some without speech and some without love. It is each and one of these little amazing people that have … Continue reading My Story