Child Services

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Sen Talk is a non-profit organisation that provides fairly priced services for children and young people. Term-time clubs are charged termly at £4 per session which is payable at registration. If you are unable to meet the costs, please speak with our team that will be happy to help.

Term-Time Clubs & Activities

Mini Minds, Big Ideas Project

Sen Talk offers a variety of play-based therapy support clubs for autistic children and children with social communication differences.

Monday | Brick Club (LEGO®-BASED Therapy) group | 5-12yrs


Every Monday term-time (4 pm -5 pm) at:

John Morris House SW11 1SW

The aim of Brick Club is to encourage and prioritise the use of individual special interests to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people with SEND. In a non-intrusive setting, children and young people are encouraged to collaborate and engage with peers through joint play to create LEGO® models.

Price: A full-term £50.00, with Concession rates £25.00.

Tuesday | Youth Club 13-16 years - Opening in September

Every Tuesday term time (6 pm -8 pm) at:

John Morris House SW11 1SW

Our Youth Club will be a weekly space for young people with SEND to learn new life skills, engage in activities, and meet new like-minded peers. From cooking and sports to video games and arts and crafts, it will be a fun and safe space for young people with SEND to be themselves whilst developing confidence and building peer relationships.

Price: Donation-based with a suggested donation of £3 per session. Full registration required.

Wednesday | STEM Club 7-11years - Opening in September

Every Wednesday term time (4 pm -6 pm) at:

John Morris House SW11 1SW

The STEM Club will allow children with SEND who are in need of support with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to explore these subjects through hands-on activities and interest-led play. From cooking, specialist workshops, and science experiments to coding exploration and math challenges, the club will allow children and young people to learn useful skills whilst developing academic confidence.

Price: Donation-based with a suggested donation of £3 per session. Full registration required.

Thursday | Communicate Youth Club 9-13years


Every Thursday term time (5 pm -7 pm) at:

John Morris House SW11 1SW

Communicate offers a play-based group opportunity to support children and young people to develop confidence and build peer relationships. Through targeted support, moreover, children and young people develop understanding and awareness with emotional concepts and emotional literacy. This cohort will learn independence skills (cooking, self-care, emotional well-being, etc) as well as engage in creative opportunities that embrace individuality.

Price: A full-term of £50.00, with Concession rates of £25.00.

Minds Matters Mentoring 5-16 years

Offered term time at:

John Morris House SW11 1SW / remotely

Our ‘Minds Matter’ Mentoring programme provides children and young people with SEND with a weekly 1:1 session with a mentor of up to an hour. Our mentoring is delivered across 6 weeks, with a maximum span of 12 weeks where necessary. We use a combination of resources and targeted techniques to aid in the development of emotional literacy, emotional regulation techniques, self-confidence, and self-esteem with the aim of providing lifelong skills for the mentee to overcome social and emotional barriers and improve access to opportunities.

Price: £36.00 for 6 sessions (£6.00 per session). Full registration required.

To register for any of these activities, please email

Holiday Activity

at Sen Talk

Trips & Days Out

During the holidays Sen Talk runs a variety of activities for families and children including regular trips and days out for families. Over the years Sen Talk have organised accessible trips to theme parks, beaches, animal sanctuaries, zoo’s, castles, botanical gardens and organised a residential camping trip for our club attendees.

Sen Talk Art Club

Sen Talk has hosted art camps over school holidays to keep children and young people interested in creative art engaged and occupied. These sessions provide parents and carers with affordable childcare and all-important respite opportunities. This service is available for children aged 7 years-12 years old.

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