Lizzie, Aspire 2 inspire project

Why SEN Talk is needed in the community… 

Special Education needs is something that I’m really passionate about. I have a son who has ADHD and for some reason,  I don’t know how I managed to support him, but I did. If only there was a group like SEN talk in Wandsworth then, I could have gone to the group, shared my experiences with other parent with children with additional needs, I didn’t have that support. I was on my own raising my son the best I could. I didn’t understand his condition at first, I didn’t understand what it was and it felt at points ‘was my son just naughty?’ or ‘What is wrong?’… It took such a long time for him to be statemented, and so long for the local authority to accept my son has ADHD. My boy went through a lot at school, he was suspended and expelled. Nobody really picked up thlizzie-e1458600655727at he could have had ADHD, and in the end I had to really fight for him to get his statement of Special Educational Needs. It got so tough that I ended up having to take legal action to enforce the local authority into granting his statement. Even with this in place, I still struggled to hold down a job, having to take time off regular to deal with situations and incidents at the school, leaving work early, taking days off, made me pretty unemployable. I wish the information was available then for me.