Communicate Youth Club

A specialist youth provision for autistic children and children with attention deficit disorders aged 7 years – 13 years.

What is Communicate about?

Communicate is a youth club designed especially to support ASD and ADHD children who are aged between 7 years old and 13 years old. With a growing gap in provision, we at Sen Talk know how important it is to provide opportunities for young people in an environment suitable to their needs. At each session there is a combination of Arts and crafts, sensory activities and social skills opportunities for them to enjoy.

Who can attend Communicate?

The club is open to individuals who attend mainstream, independent and specialist provisions, but children must be registered with the service before attending. It is advised parents with children requiring additional levels of care should speak to the Director Annaliese before joining the group to assure that suitable adaptations are made and that sufficient support is provided.

Do I need to pay?

Sen Talk is a non-for profit organisation, and therefore we have no formal pay structure. However, we do ask that parents consider making a small donation of £3 to the club to cover the cost of refreshments and materials.


We do provide basic refreshments during the club of fruit, biscuits and water. However, we suggest that parents aim to provide a snack or packed lunch if your child may need something more substantial during the session. Please bear in mind that we hold a strict NO NUTS policy. Children may eat within the communal areas which you can see illustrated on our visual map. Parents should make staff aware of any allergies as soon as possible.

Can parents attend?

Parents may attend the first session in order to support the settling process. However we do prefer that parents do not stay during the sessions following this. With the combination of adults and children, the environment can quickly become overwhelming especially those who may have additional sensory processing difficulties and for this reason we ask that parents drop their children off.

How do I apply?

To register please email Annaliese at

Want to find out more?

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