Sen Talk Brick Club

LEGO®-based therapy is a collaborative play therapy in which children work together to build LEGO® models. Then original concept was pioneers by Dr Daniel Legoff a clinical psychologist for the United States (2004). Since then many studies have been completed on small peer groups of children.

This evidence suggests this particular intervention has a large success rate, with significant improvements reported in after just a term of participation, in:

  • Self-initiated social contact
  • Aloofness
  • Rigid behaviour

Our aim

The aim of our group is to help children to develop social interaction skills, emotional resilience and confidence in a friendly, relaxed and fun setting.

How it works?

Sessions are split into two main tasks.

The first is the group building task

The task of building is divided into different roles, so that social interaction is necessary to participate. By doing this, children practice key skills of collaboration, joint attention, sharing, turn taking, communication, social problem-solving and compromise.

The second is our free-play task

This allows children to explore with various challenges and activities arranged in a loose manner. This gives children the freedom to test their skills, and really illustrate to us the effectiveness of the programme.

What makes us different?

Sen Talk is dedicated to improving outcomes for children and young people, and has designed a comprehensive programme suitable not just for Autistic children, but children with ADHD who struggle with social communication and emotional literacy.