BRAND NEW ‘Check in’ wristbrands for SALE

Being able to verbalise your emotions and needs can be extremely difficult for any child or young person let alone somebody with social communication differences.

We’ve developed a low key wristband system that allows a child or young person to discreetly signal their emotional level by turning the green side to ‘ok’ or switching to the red side ‘not ok’ which will tell adults whether they will need to provide assistance for that person. This tool is useful as a visual aid but, is also key for helping children and young people to develop emotional literacy and can be used in a variety of settings a scenarios.

Good news! You can now order a wristband directly from us by emailing and obtaining an order form.

Single bands £2 +p&p (est. £1.30)

Bumper packs 10 bands £17.95 + p&p (est. £3.20)