My Social Story – Why has Sen Talk stopped my session?

We understand that our children and young people may be finding it particularly difficult to adjust to the many changes in routine and structure and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus. Although we are stopping our face-to-face service, we will still continue to work with families to provide the best support possible during these times.

A way that we encourage parents to support their children, is through the use of social stories and visual guide. These help to lower anxieties and can help children to understand what is happening. Our phone line will also be open to calls for registered families should you need advice or support. You can call Monday-Friday 10am-3pm on 07719 304 682.

The Children Project team will be working hard to provide e-resources and run frequent activities for families in isolation. You can request these by emailing the Children’s Project Lead Aoife at

If you child regularly attends sessions, and it would be useful, please feel free to use our social story below to help explain these changes:

Social Story Coronavirus